Wow! Uncommon things fishermen weren’t expecting to catch

A California man, Jack McGuire fishing off the coast of Alaska reeled in a 482-pound halibut and admits that his bait had an extra something at the end which was quite unusual and could use some help to  haul in a fish nearly five times his expected catch.
Although this catch was more than 20 pounds heavier than the standing record catch of 459 pounds, it will not count as a world record because it was harpooned before it was brought on board, which violates the Game Fish Association regulations, according to The Associated Press.
















Angler hauls in monster grouper fish

An experienced angler Cullen Greer, reeled in this astonishing six-and-a-half-foot-long, 297-pound Warsaw grouper fish while fishing in Venice, Louisiana. 


Wow, what a whopper

Andy Fronek surprisingly hauled in 100 pound sturgeon when he was only expecting a small fish.



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Credit:Yahoo Sport