These World Cup Player Weren’t Ashamed to Thank God…In Front of The Whole World!

It is without surprise that we have seen some incredible moments at the world cup not only of the quality of play but also of celebrations of goals scored. Football is about goals, entertainment and friendship as it units all people together. But one of the most frequently seen or what I would call a common factor where people either praying and the most profound is people lifting their hands inĀ up, gazing up to heaven to thank God or to wish for victory. Indeed these men are unashamed to thank God.Here are some of the best!

Colombia’s forward Teofilo Gutierrez celebrates lifting up his hands!



Daniel Sturridge of England celebrates his goal during the 2014 FIFA world Cup.


Brazil’s forward Neymar celebrates after scoring a goal against croatia.


Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast reacts as he enters the game during the 2014 FFA World Cup match between Ivory Coast and Japan.


Lionel Messi of Agentina celebrates after scoring the team second goal at the 2014 world cup.


Vedad Ibisevic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Celebrates at the FIFA Word Cup 2014.


Credit: Huffingtonpost