How Walmart Management Treated A Staff Causing A Lot Of Trouble At Work!

Here is how Shane a staff at walmart is creating a lot of problems for the management and does not show any sign of slowing down to get on with the job as he is required to do.


 This is not a typical way to offer warranties but Shane is doing it his own way.


Oh dear, this is not who want to be a millionaire Shane that you will ask if that is the final answer and if they want to phone a friend. My goodness this is a shop floor.


 Who knows if Shane is being paid a referral fees by Albertsons. The customer’s needs simple directions like the aisle numbers to locate item within the shop.


A little bit of confusion as to what item on the shop is actually for sale. Shane should know the difference between the shop props and items display for sales.


 As far as Shane is concerned, the items in the warehouse are the good stuff but we know that this so called good stuff are the ones already displayed on the shelves. 


 Ham is made from pigs but I am not too sure what “swinecraft” is as well. I am sure that ham is one of the building materials for a sandwich not for a house.


 Yes we are getting to root of the matter now. Personality disorder- I’m not too clear on that.


Now we know what is causing Shanes to act the way he has being carrying on. Maybe he is a puppeteer trying to perfect making puppets out of paper bags. My guess is that he is at the wrong job probably.


This management absolutely loves it, because at this stage one would have expected Shane to be fired


Shane is at it again, never giving up messing about. Hoping the mystery meat is not horse me.